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  • Shipping/Receiving Clerk
  • No Seasonal Workers needed at this time.



  • Verify that all materials and supplies received match the quantity, description, and other information on purchase orders.
  • Follows procedures related to damage and shortage claims.
  • Ensure all received goods are correctly labeled and set out for the Logistics Team.
  • Provide the Purchasing Director with the information needed necessary for him/her to make vendor charge backs on returned and defective materials, supplies, and tools to ensure that credit memos are received from the vendor.
  • Assist in ensuring the accuracy of physical counts for inventory in the computer. This includes taking cycle counts when applicable.
  • Ensure all receivables are correctly entered and “received” into the computer database.
  • Follow receiving procedures in regards to shortages and overages from suppliers.
  • Coordinate the receiving of all live good in a timely manner to promote the survival rates of these goods.
  • Move live goods into different storage containers, palletize, organize, and separate mixed items during the receiving process when applicable.
  • Sees that fire and safety regulations are followed and maintained. Ensures shipping and receiving operations are done in a safe and effective manner.
  • Properly controls product shipping to meet the demands of DeGroot customers.
  • Ensures that all product for upcoming brokered shipments are pulled, packed, and ready for shipping prior to scheduled pick-up times and during loading.
  • Ensure brokered shipments leave DeGroot on time so they can arrive to their destination on schedule. May need to contact brokers for ETAs, scheduling, and assigning of carriers as directed by Supervisor.


  • Assists in the day to do duties of the fulfillment department.
  1. Printing orders/product labels when applicable
  2. Planning/organizing orders
  3. Maintaining accurate product inventory in regards to fulfillment goods
  4. Help to pre-package catalog product
  5. Helps pull/pack fulfillment orders when applicable


  • Assist in the daily duties of our mail-order programs
  1. Organizing 3rd party order data (Excel)
  2. Printing Packing Slips
  3. Printing Shipping Labels
  4. Organizing shop order data
  5. Pull, Pack, and Ship orders


  • A person in this role would work directly in Building #1. A barebones office structure would be provided where their computer work would be completed. Co-workers would be just outside the office in our fulfillment and shipping/receiving areas. Our warehouse conditions range from 50-80 degrees depending on the time of year and someone in this role would have to go in and out of our cold storage rooms. Their office structure would be both heated and cooled throughout the year but a lot of work/task time would be spent outside of this area in the main warehouse.


  • High School Graduate. College Graduate preferred.
  • Experience: A minimum of two to three years’ experience in inventory control, purchasing, or shipping/ receiving. Experience with “live” goods is a plus.
  • Skills: Knowledge in general purchasing, shipping and receiving and inventory control procedures. Able to read, write, spell and verbally communicate clearly in English. Bilingual in Spanish as a second language is a big plus.
  • Physical: Full use of all senses, including physically able to stand continually, crouch, bend, reach, walk, climb, and maneuver around racking/shelving, farm equipment, repair equipment and service areas. Should be physically able to lift 40-45lbs during job duties.
  • Mental: Requires basic math skills, the ability to problem solve and coordinate numerous activities at the same time.
  • Must be able to work efficiently alone for lengths of time with little to no supervision.
  • A person in this role would do a lot of work in excel when preparing for our mail orders. They should be proficient with excel including sorting, organizing, formulas, etc in excel.
  • Equality: Able to work with all types of individuals; race, ethnicities, genders, etc.
  • Slow to frustration, focused, diligent, good communication, kind, and motivated. Computer skills such as proficiency in Excel, word, and data base systems are a plus.


Submit an application by clicking on the link at the top of the page.  Be sure to put “Shipping/Receiving Clerk” in your answer to question #5. Job open until filled.