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Spring Flowerbulb Bulk Pack Assortments

Spring Flowerbulbs – Bulk Flowerbulbs in Packs

Our Bulk Spring Flowerbulbs come with Retail Ready Display Boxes that have a colorful and informative, glossy Bin-Picture attached. Product also comes with 4-Color Picture Tags. The size of the box varies depending on the size of the bulbs.

All come as Retail Ready, Case Packs. For more details, please call 1-800-253-2876 and ask for the Sales Department. Or email: sales@degroot-inc.com.

25 Tubers per Display Box
CD160BIN Caladium 'Pink'
CD109BIN Caladium 'Red'
CD198BIN Caladium 'White'
25 Rhizomes per Display Box
CA116BIN Canna 'City of Portland'
CA401BIN Canna, 'Crimson Beauty'
CA161BIN Canna, Semi-Dwarf 'King City Gold'
CA186BIN Canna, Semi-Dwarf 'Pink President'
CA198BIN Canna 'Red King Humbert'
CA290BIN Canna 'Wyoming'
CA480BIN Canna 'Yellow Futurity'
CA485BIN Canna 'Yellow King Humbert'
25 Rhizomes per Display Box
CA501BIN CannaSol™, Happy Carmen®
CA505BIN CannaSol™, Happy Emily®
CA509BIN CannaSol™, Happy Isabel®
CA512BIN CannaSol™, Happy Julia®
CA523BIN CannaSol™, Happy Wilma®
Dahlia, Decorative
25 Tuberous Roots per Display Box
DD191BIN Dahlia, Decorative 'Berliner Kleene'
DD261BIN Dahlia, Decorative 'Edinburgh'
DD371BIN Dahlia, Decorative 'Peaches and Cream'
DD605BIN Dahlia, Decorative 'Uncle Hankey'
Dahlia, Dinnerplate
25 Tuberous Roots per Display Box
DD121BIN Dinnerplate Dahlia, 'Akita'
DD189BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Babylon Red'
DD195BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Big Brother'
DD411BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Cafe Au Lait'
DD441BIN Dinnerplate Dahlia, 'Kelvin Floodlight'
DD581BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Motto'
DD601BIN Dinnerplate Dahlia, 'Thomas Edison'
DD621BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Vancouver'
DD391BIN Dahlia, Dinnerplate 'Zorro'
Elephant Ears
25 Bulbs per Display Box
EE101BIN Elephant Ears
EE111BIN Elephant Ears
50 Corms per color in Display Box
GL268BIN Gladiolus 'Orange'
GL154BIN Gladiolus 'Pink'
GL304BIN Gladiolus 'Purple'
GL101BIN Gladiolus 'Dark Red'
GL337BIN Gladiolus 'Salmon'
GL229BIN Gladiolus 'White'
GL189BIN Gladiolus 'Yellow'
Gladiolus, Premium Two/Tone
50 Corms per color in Display Box
GL548BIN Gladiolus 'Fiesta', Premium Two/Tone
GL558BIN Gladiolus 'Jester', Premium Two/Tone
GL578BIN Gladiolus 'Rhapsody In Blue', Premium Two/Tone
GL588BIN Gladiolus 'Sparkler', Premium Two/Tone
GL598BIN Gladiolus 'Vista', Premium Two/Tone
Hardy Lily, Asiatic
25 Bulbs per Display Box
LH502BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Bariton®'
LH504BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Black Out®'
LH520BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Levi'
LH528BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Navona'
LH113BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Nove Cento'
LH240BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Vivaldi'
Hardy Lily, Matrix® Asiatic
25 Bulbs per Display Box
LH510BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Golden Matrix®'
LH525BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Matrix®'
LH535BIN Hardy Lily, Asiatic 'Matrix Orange®'
Hardy Lily, Oriental
25 Bulbs per Display Box
LH168BIN Hardy Lily, Oriental 'Journey's End'
LH322BIN Hardy Lily, Oriental 'Mona Lisa'
LH173BIN Hardy Oriental Lily, 'Stargazer'