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Packaged Spring Vegetable Assortments

Grow Your Own Fresh Vegetables and fill your garden with Years of Vegetables!

There is nothing better then fresh-grown vegetables right out in your own garden! Some of your FAVORITE Vegetables are perennials that come back year-after-year in today’s summer gardens. This vegetable group is easy to plant and easy to care for. Our NEW packaging is colorful, informative and comes with complete planting instructions, making a great impact on any display.

All come as Retail Ready, Case Packs. For more details, please call 1-800-253-2876 and ask for the Sales Department. Or email: sales@degroot-inc.com

Combination Vegetable Assortments
Come in Cappers
VA500000 Vegetable 'Garnish' Assortment
OYWR000 Onion Set Assortment
PO100000 Seed Potato Assortment
Straight Case Pack Vegetables
Come in Cappers
EG620000 Garlic Cloves
HS608000 Horseradish Sets
SH616000 Shallot Multipliers
AS604000 Mary Washington Asparagus
AS606000 Jersey Giant
AS608000 Purple Passion
Onion Sets
ON622000 Yellow Stuttgarter
ON614000 Onion, White Ebenezer
ON630000 Red Karmen Onion
ON638000 Onion, Sweet 'Pentium'
RH624000 Victoria Rhubarb