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Packaged Spring Flowerbulb Assortments

This group of Spring Flowerbulbs comes packaged with a large photo and complete planting instruction. Our NEW packaging is colorful, informative and makes a great impact on any display.

All come as Retail Ready, Case Packs. For more details, please call 1-800-253-2876 and ask for the Sales Department. Or email: sales@degroot-inc.com.

Large Collection Assortments
FA125000 Flowerbulb Assortment
Product Assortments
CD912000 Caladium Assortment
CA300000 Canna Assortment
DA414000 Dahlia, Giant Assortment
EE918000 Elephant Ears
GL700000 Gladiolus, Rainbow Mix
GL702000 Gladiolus Assortment
LH934000 Hardy Lily, Winter Hardy Assortment