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Packaged Fruit Assortments for Spring

Fruit Plants now come in 14″ Sleeve Packaging

Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit! With proper planning you can enjoy fresh and nutritious fruit all summer long. From Strawberries in the spring to Grapes and Raspberries in the fall. Browse our list of the most popular and prolific fruit varieties, plan your garden and feel confident that the plants you receive from us will perform to your satisfaction. In other words, enjoy these great Fruit plants that are as carefree as possible and enjoy the benefits that will please even the novice fruit grower. Our Listing has all the main Fruits that will grow in most of the United States. Our packaging is colorful, informative and comes with complete planting instructions, making a great impact on any display.

All come as Retail Ready, Case Packs. For more details, please call 1-800-253-2876 and ask for the Sales Department.  Or email: sales@degroot-inc.com

Combination Fruit Assortments
Come in 14" Sleeves
BL250000 Berry Lover Assortment
FA50 000 Fruit Assortment
Fruit – Straight & Mixed Case Packs
Come in 14" Sleeves
BL500000 Blackberries
BU502000 Blueberry Assortment
GO200000 Gooseberries
GR518000 Grape Assortment
RA25 000 Raspberry Assortment
RS512000 Heritage, Red, Everbearing
RS515000 Jewel, Black, Midseason/Summer Bearing
RS506000 Latham, Red, Junebearing
ST514000 Everbearing Assortment
ST518000 Everbearing/Junebearing Assortment
STBOB000 Bag O’Blooms® Strawberry Kit