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Wonder Egg®, Decorative Eggplant

The Wonder Egg® is one of Nature’s Mysteries. And it’s easy & fun to grow. Grow indoors or out. Great fun for kids. Adults love it too! The Wonder Egg® is an intriguing conversation piece that will have your friends watching with envy! Simply plant the special Wonder Egg® seeds in the provided soil mixture and see them sprout in only 7-10 days. They grow to approximately three feet tall and produce beautiful purple flowers. The egg-shaped fruits start out glistening white and gradually turn golden yellow at maturity. Related to the eggplant, the Wonder Egg® will produce eggs for 2 to 3 years with proper care. Start yours today. Decorative!


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Plant Details +

Size Seeds
Height 30-36"
Spacing 18"
Hardiness Treat as an annual
Exposure Sun-filtered window
Fruit White then Matures to Yellow
Harvest Varies

General Information +

Botanical: Eggplant 'Golden Eggs' (Solanum melongena)

General Characteristics: Fruits are for decorative purpose only. Not for human consumption.

Planting/Care Instructions +

Easy to Grow: 1. STARTING THE SEED: For indoor planting, the only requirements are supplemental lighting or filtered sun and a temperature of 65°F. For outdoor planting, start your Wonder Egg® seed indoors 6-8 weeks before you can safely plant outside. When there is no longer danger of frost, plant outside. 2. REMOVE pot, soil pellet, and seed packet from box. 3. Place soil pellet on household saucer or in a small bowl. 4. Add 1/3 cup warm tap water to the bottom of the saucer or bowl. 5. Pellet will be fully expanded when all water is soaked up. (NOTE: Entire pellet may not appear “wet" when expanded.) 6. Break soil pellet apart into the pot. If you have more soil than the pot can hold, dispose of extra soil. (NOTE: DO NOT press additional soil into pot.) Soil should be loose, not compacted into the pot. 7. Place pot with soil onto saucer or bowl. 8. Remove Wonder Egg® seeds from packet and place on top of soil. Push seed just below soil surface with a pencil. 9. Place the saucer/bowl and pot where the temperature is 65° to 80°F and out of direct sunlight. Keep moist—not wet! Add water sparingly. (NOTE: Soil will turn light brown when dry.) 10. IMPORTANT: As soon as Wonder Egg® seeds start sprouting, in about 5 to 14 days - place in a sunny window or under supplemental lighting. Keep moist—not wet! Add water sparingly (soil will turn light brown when dry). 11. It is of further importance to let only one Wonder Egg® plant grow into one strong Wonder Egg® seedling instead of several weaklings. After seedlings reach about 2 inches tall, snip or pinch off the weakest seedlings leaving only one strong seedling. 12. When the time is right, transplant Wonder Egg® outside in a sunny location into the container of your choice. Be sure not to plant too deep. Remember that this warm-weather plant needs at least half a day of sun and also responds most favorably if liquid fertilizer is added semi-weekly. 13. Wonder Egg® “fruits" will start out glistening white and gradually turn golden yellow at maturity. 14. Wonder Egg® plant can be moved indoors before frost and wintered over, but will require a well-lighted and humid environment. 15. As with all garden vegetables, insect pests may find your Wonder Egg® plant. If you notice any insect pest, use any common garden pesticide labeled for eggplants, and make sure to follow the usage guidelines.

When to Plant Outdoors: Plant in the spring, after the ground warms to about 50º F. In cold climates (Zones 1-5), move indoors before first frost.