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Tulip, ‘Greenland’

The Viridiflora Tulip ‘Greenland’, is one of the most exquisite tulip varieties we have come across. It is an exotic, ever changing tulip that starts out pale pink, intensifying to a vibrant pink that accentuates the bold green stripe. These stunning bi-color tulips grow 22″ tall and burst forth in bloom in May. For best results, plant in partial sun to full shade. They are perfect for cut-flower arrangements and garden displays. ‘Greenland’ has an extremely long-lasting bloom and a sturdy stem. For the best effects, plant the bulbs in clusters of 5 to 15 bulbs of one variety, or scatter clusters throughout the garden or flower border. These tulips are excellent for warmer climatic zones, too. We have selected this admirably textured variety for a unique display in your spring garden. The elegant pink flowers with a green shade will make a surprising effect in your border. ‘Greenland’ also makes ideal cut flowers since the flowers are so long lasting! You are sure to enjoy this outstanding tulip!

Viridiflora Tulip: The term Viridiflora is derived from two Latin words: viridis meaning green and flos meaning flower. All Viridiflora Tulips have a streak of green somewhere on each petal. This contrasts dramatically with the basic flower color (white, pink, gold, etc.). In addition to this spectacular color contrast, Viridiflora Tulips are also known for their exceptionally long flowering capability. This makes them a welcome and worthwhile addition to any garden. Most have a single cup-shaped bloom on a long, sturdy stem. Most are late spring flowering. These are good for beds, borders, and as cut flowers.


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Plant Details +

Bulb Type Bulb
Size 12+ cm
Height 22"
Spacing 5"
Hardiness Zones 3-8
Exposure Full Sun-Partial Shade
Foliage Green
Flower Soft to Rich Pink, Brushed Yellow and Green. Petals flared.
Bloomtime May

General Information +

Planting/Care Instructions +

Easy to Grow: 1. Dig a hole 3-4 inches deep or two times the height of the bulb. 2. Set the bulbs firmly in place, with the pointed ends facing upward. 3. Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly.

Planting Instructions: Grow in sun in informal groupings of 5 or more bulbs. Plant bulbs in fall 3-4 inches deep or two times the height of the bulb and 5" apart in well-drained soil with plenty of humus. Remove old flowers leaving as much stem and foliage as possible until they die down.

When to Plant Outdoors: Product should be planted immediately after received in the fall. In extremely warm climates, plant when the ground cools. You may plant earlier or later as long as the ground is not too warm or frozen.