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Shrubs for Birds & Wildlife Collection for Spring

Item BW025 – 25 packages – Ready for Display.

If you’re looking to attract Birds and Wildlife or provide protection for your property, here are great shrubs that can do it all. Showy flowers, stunning fruit, winter color, privacy screens, and windbreak protection! When properly planted they will reduce topsoil erosion and provide forage, nesting, and winter habitat for all kinds of birds and animals. Turn your yard or acreage into a naturally balanced eco-system! Whether you choose one variety or one of each, you’re sure to enjoy these plants for a lifetime. Plants come in these colorful, ready to display, case packs of 25 packages.

This group has been extremely successful in markets throughout the country.

BW025000 25 Packages per case 7 Available lbs $73.75
Product # of Packages # of Plants Size
Calycanthus floridus (Sweet Shrub) 5 pkgs 1/pkg 12"-18"
Cornus sericea (Red Twig or Redosier Dogwood) 5 pkgs 1/pkg 12"-18"
Lonicera tatarica (Honeysuckle 'Hawkeye') 5 pkgs 1/pkg 12"-18"
Prunus tomentosa (Nanking Cherry) 5 pkgs 1/pkg 12"-18"
Syringa vulgaris (Common lilac) 5 pkgs 1/pkg 12"-18"