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Seed Potato Assortment

CASE PACKS – Each case contains 25 packages
Packaged Vegetables – Item PO100

Potatoes are an all-time favorite crop for cooking! POTATOES ARE EASY TO GROW VEGETABLES. One of the easiest root crops to grow is the potato. Plus, they’re fun to grow. A small area can provide a nice yield of this tasty vegetable. Early spring is the best time to plant them. One of the bonuses of growing potatoes is that you can eat them at various stages of growth. The young ‘new potatoes’ are often harvested and cooked with peas and gravy, while most are allowed to reach maturity and are eaten or stored for use throughout the winter.

Planting instructions: Select a sunny location and plant in early spring in the soil. CUTTING POTATOES – if the seed potatoes are small to medium-sized, plant the whole potato. If they are large-sized, you can cut them in half, or quarter them. Each section should have two or three ‘growth eyes’. After cutting, let the cut surface callus-over before planting them. SPACING – potatoes can be grown in many different ways. If you have lots of room the cut pieces can be spaced about a foot apart in rows which are spaced two to three feet apart. Then cover with about an inch of soil. Pull in the additional soil as the plants develop. Always be certain the surface tubers are covered with soil. Hilling or mounding is another method of growing potatoes. Three or four pieces of potatoes are planted on a mound of soil, pulling in the additional soil as the potatoes develop.

Hardy, northern grown vegetables from De Groot, Inc. are low maintenance and will harvest vegetables!


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