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Horseradish Sets

Case Pack – Each case contains 25 packages.
Packaged Vegetables – Item HS608

Hardy, GMO free, northern grown vegetables from DeGroot are low maintenance and will harvest vegetables!

Horseradish makes a great sauce for sandwiches and it’s easy to grow, too! Horseradish is adapted to the north and is not suited for southern planting except in high altitudes. One plant is quite large and will need a big area in the garden. Not much is needed for the average family, and a few plants will provide roots for an ample supply of grated or ground horseradish. To prepare horseradish, clean and grate the roots into white wine vinegar or distilled vinegar of 4-1/2 to 5 per cent acid content, bottle, and seal at once.

Planting instructions: Select a sunny location and plant in early spring in deeply cultivated, moderately rich soil. It does best in deep, moist, rich loam, well fertilized, but will grow in any good soil except perhaps very light sands and very heavy clays. Shallow soil will not serve since this plant has rough, pronged roots.

HS608000 25 Packages per case out of stock 8 lbs $80.00
Product # of Packages # of Plants Size
Horseradish Crowns 25/case 2/pkg #1