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Allium ‘Giganteum’

Allium ‘Giganteum’ is one of the tallest of the allium species. From the center of each basal rosette rises a thick, naked, 3-4′ tall scape (stem) which is topped in late spring by a dense, globular, softball-sized, 5-6″ diameter cluster of tiny, star-shaped lilac-purple florets. Dramatic border background plant which is best sited in groups of at least 5-7 bulbs. Leaves and scapes smell like onions when bruised, but plant is not used for culinary purposes. Leaves begin to die back as plants begin flowering. Used as a commercial cut flower. Prefers fertile, very well-drained soil.

Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soils in full sun. Best sited in locations sheltered from strong winds. Leaves will wither and disappear from the garden shortly after bloom. Mature bulbs may be dug up in fall, divided and replanted to increase size of a planting. Alliums, or ornamental onions, are easy to grow bulbs that are increasing in popularity. They look wonderful in cut bouquets and make a unique accent in any perennial border or bed. If you have problems with deer or rodents, Alliums are an excellent choice as they find them distasteful! Position where other plants will help to hide their sometimes-untidy foliage. Excellent for use as cut or dried flowers. Attracts butterflies, too.


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Plant Details +

Bulb Type Bulb
Size 18+ cm
Height 3-4'
Spacing 8-10"
Hardiness Hardy to Zone 4-8
Exposure Full Sun
Foliage Green
Flower Lilac
Bloomtime June-July

General Information +

Planting/Care Instructions +

Easy to Grow: 1. Dig a hole 5" deep. 2. Set the bulbs firmly in place, with the pointed ends facing upward. 3. Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly.

Planting Instructions: Grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant bulbs 5" deep in autumn. In cold climates, bulbs may be planted from late summer until ground freezes. In warm climates that are frost free, plant in late fall. Plant bulbs 5" deep and 4" apart. Water thoroughly after planting and fertilize each spring thereafter.

When to Plant Outdoors: Product should be planted immediately after received in the fall. In extremely warm climates, plant when the ground cools. You may plant earlier or later as long as the ground is not too warm or frozen.