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Bareroot Perennials-> (163)
  *New Premium Hydrangea & Lilacs (11)
  Astilbe (False Spirea) Group (16)
  Clematis Group (16)
  Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) Group (6)
  Fern Group (6)
  General Platinum Performers® (25)
  Geranium (Hardy Geraniums) (4)
  Hemerocallis (Daylily) "Platinum (5)
  Hemerocallis (Daylily) Regular (21)
  Hosta (Funkia or Plantain Lily) (21)
  Native Flower Group (7)
  Ornamental Grass Group
  Ornamental Vine Collection (2)
  Peony and Tree Peony Group (14)
  Phlox (Garden Phlox) Group (7)
  Salvia (Meadow Sage) (2)
Fall Daylilies-> (26)
Fruit Plants, Bushes and Vines-> (65)
Shrubs for Birds and Wildlife (8)
Spring Flowerbulbs-> (53)
Vegetables for the Garden (20)

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Native Flowers

All the listed woodland plants grow naturally on rich, moist forest floors and most are perfectly suited for your shade garden. Add them to an existing wooded area or create your own woodland garden. Dappled shade and humus-rich soil provide perfect growing conditions.
 Model      Product Name+ 
 NF280   Arisaema triphyllum (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)   Arisaema triphyllum (Jack-in-the-Pulpit) 
 NF120   Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry Lily)   Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry Lily) 
 NF168   Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower/Red Lobelia)   Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower/Red Lobelia) 
 NF130   Mertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells)   Mertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells) 
 NF360   Stylophorum diphyllum (Wood Poppy or Golden Poppy)   Stylophorum diphyllum (Wood Poppy or Golden Poppy) 
 NF436   Trillium erectum (Red Trillium or Wake robin)   Trillium erectum (Red Trillium or Wake robin) 
 NF440   Trillium grandiflorum (Snowy White)   Trillium grandiflorum (Snowy White) 
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